Suicidal Holder1 2012


*Self Destructive Machine /

Suicidal ambient object.

Keywords: provocative computing, persuasive computing, reflective computing, self-awareness, material interaction, critical design, living holder.

sugar molded object, It is a holder for

cigarettes.If the user takes a certain

number of cigarettes past a threshold,

water begins to pump out underneath the

cigarette case, destroying it.

The fancy and sophisticated living object

will be contorted. And never again will it

contain a personal cigarette case.

It is a self-reflective object of what the

users are doing to themselves with a

destructive consumption.

Processes:This will be molded using sugar, soap, and paper, which can be destroyed by water, or by melting wax. It will constitute a series of works with variable materials with the purpose of depicting ‘destruction’ resulting from the rate of human consumption. The fist work will be made out of sugar.


1) Body object: Sugar
2) Pedestal: ceramic (or possible rapid prototyping processed
object), wood, metal wire
3) Interaction medium: light sensors, water pumps, hit controller/
light bulb, motors, and Arduino etc.


HCI Design-list



Designed by Young Suk Lee

Suicidal Holder 2 2012