“Two minds in me” is an interactive digital bonsai. It is designed to give an emotional engagement, like having a pot at home, as it mimics the form of bonsai. In addition, it initiates a ludic engagement: it stays in a static position then two branches are simultaneously interactive when people are around the piece. Depending on how people move, it creates dynamic and unpredictable movements like dancing and fighting in a tree. Then, it completely stops if people pause any actions. “Two minds in me” creates a strange and playful companionship.

All six segments are connected, rooted in one body, yet support and pull at each other. Sometimes two pieces become aligned, which looks harmonious but soon separate from one another by exhibiting two different paths and rhythms. The disengaged motions of two branches express the complicated human being conflicted with two tangled and interconnected minds.

Year: 2017
Materials: Plastic, resin, servo motors, motion sensor, etc.
Size: 13x37x39 inches

Two Minds In Me

Motion Interactive Digital Bonsai


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