I am a multimedia artist and researcher...

I am currently working on my PhD dissertation(University of Twente, The Netherlands) based on my body of work of interactive computational art & design. I am researching on Aesthetic and Embodied Interactions which I have been exploring over the past 10 years. I am developing a deeper understanding of the theoretical concepts towards digital & experimental everyday objects.

I was working at Indiana University in South Bend, IN, USA as an assistant professor of Integrated New Media Studies, but I resigned from my teaching position(May,2021). I’m now focusing on making new interactive art & Design projects.

I have obtained a BFA and an MFA,(Fine Art,Hong-Ik University. Seoul,South Korea) and I have gained the essential foundations of Art practice such as painting, sculpture, and printmaking. I further studied digital art while obtaining a second MFA with an emphasis on video art and interactive art(Digital Art,Indiana University, Bloomington,IN,USA). Then,I expanded my interests in Human-Computer Interaction by earning a M.S degree(School of Informatics, Computing,and Engineering,Indiana University,Bloomington,IN,USA. I also hold a minor major in art history(Modern/Contemporary Art).

My work has been presented and displayed in multiple international venues...


My life

I get really excited about swimming,fishing and making.