Pill box1 2014
Interactive wearable pill box


Size: 12x12 inches

Materials: gears, beads, paper, clay, metal jewelry, glue, acrylic paint, fabric, micro servo motors, sensors, and an arduino.

Process: It’s fabricated using mixed media, the small pill boxes and a mini servo motor are embedded into the wearable object. The gear movement is motorized when the pillboxes are detected by users.

Designed by Young Suk Lee
HCI Design_research
Keywords: habit, drug, computational artifact, reflective interaction, persuasive computing.

Description: I intended to investigate pill consumption habits by designing a wearable artifact. The artifact is capable of reflective interaction, through which people can rethink their behavior, habits, and values through the interactive experiences. The design intention addresses two key points. First, it is an aid that people use to store secret contents by adorning themselves with decorative jewelry. Second, it is a reflective medium capable of communicating through user interaction. The pillbox is constructed by using multiple gears, which are triggered by embedding behind the decorative jewelry. Magnetic beads also drop depending on how much the users open the pillboxes. It symbolized how we can easily lose our bodies through everyday harmful yet paradoxically pleasurable habits.