Pill box1 2014

Interactive wearable pill box

Designed by Young Suk Lee


The pillbox 1 is designed to carry pills and drugs as decorative wearables. The design facilitates a distractive and problematic situation by causing kinetic motions of the necklace when one tries to take more pills for the boxes. This kinetic jewelry works by slowly moving a series of connected branches, but when the boxes open repeatedly, the movement speed accelerates, causing the beads to drop. Eventually, the necklace may lose all of its shiny elements unless one tries to retrieve those little beads from the floor. This jewelry allows one to experience motion and speed playfully, but it also offers the reflective chance to think about cause and effect. Since they are magnetic beads, the wearer can pick them up and reattach them, or they can discard them. It further invites the wearer to decide what to do with the fallen beads.

Size: 12x12 inches

Materials: gears, beads, paper, clay, metal jewelry, glue, acrylic paint, fabric, micro servo motors, sensors, and an arduino.


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