Changeable Surfaces and Transformational Forms

-Motif of living creatures
The general focus of my work concerns the way certain animals change shape in response to external stimuli, such as the way insects like potato bugs curl up when they feel threatened. Potato bugs change their form by rolling up their body as they fold their segments. Other creatures and insects undergo different movements and transformations. Some may play dead, revealing their underbelly, while others may display in their surface or skin texture. One animal in particular that has served as an inspiration behind my work is the hedgehog. The skin of a Hedgehog responds adaptively to sudden movements in the environment by changing from soft and smooth to rough and spiked.

Year: 2009

Materials: Rapid Prototyped gypsum powder, 6 servo motors and a microphone.

Programs: Arduino and pure data.

Processes: Designed using Rhinoceros software, printed or manufactured using 3D Color Printer. Each unit module is connected to a servo motor and rotated as the viewer’s voice is detected by a microphone.

Petals of Light

Sound Interactive sculpture


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