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Sound Interactive Sculpture

'Ambiguity' 2010



Ambiguity in nature:

Nest versus Trap & Attraction Versus Repulsion
 (Relationship between the audience and the art figure)

My sculpture depicts these movements by changing shape and undergoing specific transformations when audience members approach. As an example, one sculpture turns inside out, hiding its aesthetically pleasant side and showing its “aggressive” side—which is akin to the manner in which a cobra puffs its head and shows its fangs when disturbed.

Thus, the different shapes and forms in nature vary from the graceful blossom of a flower, to the more threatening Venus flytrap or carnival plant. Even though certain animals and fauna like the Venus flytrap appear inviting and alluring, they become aggressive and carnivorous in response to key environmental stimuli. There are many such dualities in nature: plants can appear inviting, but turn into traps, and animals can change from passive and calm, to aggressive and carnivorous.

My sculptures likewise contain dual components that are camouflaged and have opposing characters; the inside of the flower turns inside out and reveals a hidden insect with crawly legs and a spiked underbelly. This is meant to evoke thoughts and feeling of revulsion as opposed to feelings of security or hospitality. When a viewer backs away from the flower, the petals on the sculpture close and the flower once again appears like a leaf and butterfly, which represents beauty and serenity.

Materials: Rapid Prototyped gypsum powder, 6 servo motors, and a microphone.

Programs: Arduino and pure data.

Processes: Designed using Rhinoceros software, printed or manufactured using a 3D Color Printer. Each unit module is connected to a servo motor and rotated as the viewer’s voices is detected by a microphone.

3D Modeling Process