Sculpture list

3D Modeling Process

'Violation' 2009

I interpret landscapes as environments where creatures live,
ecosystems evolve, and predator and prey relationships develope.

The landscapes are depicted in this video and sculpture as having human facial features. The illustration of animals walking into the mouth is a depiction of predator prey relationships and further symbolizes how humans consume meat and wear the skins of animals that they butcher.
Specifically,this piece involves both auditory and visual images,
as well as sculptures with sensors inserted inside. The sensors in the sculpture act as a trigger to the video and sound. When audience members trigger the sensors, the image on the video morphs from a harmonious image into a chaotic one. The videos are played onto a 3 dimensional sculpture shaped as a face, which symbolizes a predator at the top of the food chain.
The other sensors control the auditory portions of my piece.
When these sensors are triggered, the auditory component becomes louder, faster, and more cacophonic, capturing the sense of fear or anguish that animals feel when they fall prey or have their habitat threatened.

Materials: Rapid Prototyped gypsum powder, 4 light sensors and a microphone.

Programs: Arduino and pure data.

Processes: Designed using Rhinoceros software, printed and manufactured using a 3D Color Printer. The sculpture contains 4 light sensors and creates different sound when viewers touch the object. It also interacts with the video component.

Sound, Motion, and Video Interactive Installation