Sleeping Bird 2012



favorite, abuse, prevent, addiction, watch, control, management,
responsible, engaging, social pet, life form, deserve, self-esteem

Anxiety Produced Self-Fragmentation
Humans typically reveal fragile aspects of their personality, such as anxiety, when they desireomething they cannot refuse. Such desire can produce addictive cycles. However, the inability to inhibit certain thought patterns or behaviors can lead one to compulsively pursue “pleasurable things”. I intend to explore a personal inner space that people often want to cover up in certain situations when they have to interact with others. The creation of such a space can lead to self-perpetuating cycles
of addition. Individuals rarely want to admit that they “lose control” and become addicted to various attitudes, objects, or even emotions

For this project, the friendly bird will wake up and remind someone of their destructive behavior. Feelings of failure and powerlessness lead to frustration and eventually exhaustion (mental or physical), which then perpetuate the cycle of addiction. Instead of living alone with these urges or feelings of powerlessness, suppose a computational artifact can be designed that reminds someone of their issues?

It is fabricated using mixed media, and designed using
Rhinoceros Software. It is manufactured using a 3D Color Printer
to create the body sculpture. Each wing will be connected to a
servo motor and detected by a motion sensor.

Tabletop: Rapid Prototyped gypsum powder.
Wings: wood, plastic, glue, rubber, spray, fur and mixed media
Pedestal: metal, wood, texture paint
Interaction medium: motors, motion sensors, Arduino etc.






Designed by Young Suk Lee
Consumption Interactive Coffee Table
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