Description : This is an interactive cigarette bag fabricated by digital crafting process, which explores how computational artifacts shape our experience visually and tactically in everyday life. In order to bring the notion of such “Felt Technology” into a mundane object, Spiky starfish explores an aesthetic interaction between people’s habitual activity, and a consequential response from the computational object. The combination of computational elements and crafts enables the creation of a dynamic visual expression through the shape-changing interface, such as a couple of bird wings are turning into a starfish with revealing spiky as simulating the life form that the creatures are threatened by people’s approaches.

I intended to create a disruptive interaction that carries a self-reflective dialogue visually and tactically when people's vice is desired. This cigarette pouch is a mediator for recognizing oneself, desire, and habits through the embedded and wearable interface. It focuses on exploration of personal traits through the shape-changing expression of the objects by using aggressive and grotesque visual language. The visual impact seeks to evoke emotion by using unpleasant forms and texture (which describe visceral organs) when they consume harmful items (cigarettes).





Spiky Starfish 2014



Shape-changing interactive bag

Key words : Disruptive Interaction

Size : 14 X 15 inches

Materials : fabric, polymer clay, acrylic paint, metal wire, metal gears, arduino, flex sensor and mixed media.

Process : Fabricated by using mixed media, mini servo motors are embedded in the pouch and the several gears are motorized when people are trying to open the cigarette pouch.

Before Interaction
After Interaction
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thanks for the support from Kay Connelly during the summer independent study 2014